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Typographics 2016 June 13-23

This year again, TypeLab—moderated by Petr van Blokland—took place as a lively side-program at Typographics. You were invited to participate. While on the main stage topics can only be formal presentations, at TypeLab they may be put into practice.

TypeLab features mini-workshops & micro-lectures, brain-picking interviews, daring debates, portfolio-critiques, classes with the masters, in-depth follow-up with speakers and another famous Design Game.

The blog post about TypeLab is here.

Here is the final program, for now. According to TypeLab rules, events can be changed until the moment that they happen. So check again here soon for the latest version of the program.

There are different types of events, sometimes running at the same time.

  • Each TypeLab day has roughly its own theme;
  • Talk, Interview, Discussion (Beamer presentation, many chairs, loud, a TED-like 20 minute time limit, same as in the main event). There is only one loud event running at the same time. There are no “Talk” events during the main program;
  • Demo, Micro workshop (Larger group, desktop screen, not noisy since it can run parallel to a talk in the same room);
  • Clinic (1:1, small group 2-3 people, silent discussion. Can run from 5 minutes to 15 minutes per individual, depending on demand);
  • The Design Game is already fully booked (even with a waiting list of 20+), taking up the whole space. A limited number of people can be admitted to watch.

The Typographics Home page is here..

The main program of Typographics can be found here.