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Design Essentials #1 - #28

Dear designers,

Starting in November 2014, 100 e-mails were made for a dedicated group of design students and other desigers who expressed their interested in updates of their profession.

The reason for collecting the Essentials was to keep students…

Design cannot be frictionless

Designers have an important role in the streamlining of communication. A badly designed message does not reach its target group. The designer acts in the interest of the customer by making the design and production process more efficient, while at…

Typeradio interview with Petr van Blokland

Typeradio got Petr van Blokland talking about design processes and other life style attitudes at the ATypI 2005 conference in Helsinki.

Elevate your display game with TYPETR’s PowerLift

Petr van Blokland surprises with a chunky, funky, punchy display slab serif.

TYPETR delivers Upgrade, a modern humanist sans built for the future

After releasing a supersized modular bitmap family in 2017, Petr van Blokland raises the bar for sans faces with his first “traditional” type release in nearly two decades.

A new era in bitmap type

TYPETR delivers Bitcount, putting pixels to work in a programmatic type system designed for both serious and playful exploration.

Bitcount Prop

This spacing variant contains glyphs as wide as they need to be (e.g. “m” and “M”), including their necessary spacing and kerning. The vertical metrics (accents, ascender, and descenders) is identical to the Mono variant.

Bitcount Grid

The absolute 5x7 pixel grid, makes this variant candidate for usage on led-displays, where the vertical amount of pixels is limited. With the cost of some accents being reduced to a single pixel, still the full glyph set is availabe…

Bitcount Mono

This variant can be used if there is vertical no limit (e.g. if the pixels are made from stickers, flower-pots or other elements) and if accents must be best readable. Basically the Mono glyphs are identical to the Grid in…

TM2016 The 5 questions

Each of the questions describes a practical case that you as (type) designer could find yourself in. As Master designer you should be able to handle it, even if the situation is new and the available information is incomplete. What…

Graduation Show - Turning Stones

Visit the final project of ten graduates of the master of Graphic Design from AKVI St.Joost. In 2014 a group of graphic design students started their master course at AKV|St.Joost. Two years have passed, and it’s now time for them…


With an overdose of academic autism, the design student has thought about it for months: the graduation subject. It is unclear exactly on which criteria such subject should judged, as long as it is as original as possible and especially…

Typetr and partners launch Type Network

After some decades of publishing through Font Bureau, Petr van Blokland cofounded Type Network, exclusively publishing new typefaces under the name Typetr. Expect new families to be released on a regular basis and also educational blogposts about graphic design, typography…

Fountain plaquette for Dutch Government Courtyard

This 90-cm-diameter slate & brass plaque was made to celebrate the donation of the fountain on the Government Courtyard in The Hague. It is currently under construction, so no real photos are available yet. The typography is made from two…